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Atlasaurus, Dinosaur Figure by EoFauna


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Beautiful detailed and scientific accurate figure of the sauropod Dinosaur Atlasaurus imelakei.
The Figure is lovingly hand-painted, and more than just a toy.

Size of the Atlasaurus Figure:
30 cm long (in straigth line)
22.5 cm high (Head)



This Atlasaurus figure comes with a bonus collectible/playing card.

Atlasaurus was a big sauropod Dinosaur from the middle Jurassic- it lived about 168 - 165 million years ago - in what is now North Africa. Atlasaurus looked somewhat like Brachiosaurus but was - with an estimated lenght of 15 meter and a weight of about 22.5 tons - smaller and not as heavy as Brachiosaurus. It also had a longer tail, more elongated limbs and a shorter neck.


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