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Microraptor hunting Eomaia, Dinosaurier Diorama, red wing tips


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Microraptor hunting Eomaia

This Diorama was made exclusively on behalf of Urzeitshop.

The impressive Diorama represents a hunting scene that could have taken place in China about 130-125 million years ago. The small feathered dinosaur Microraptor zhaoianus is about to catch the primal mammal Eomaia scansoria.

The detailed modeled figures convince with a very dynamic and realistic pose and a first-class colouring. Lifelike looking glass eyes were used on the Microraptor, the plumage was rendered extremely detailed and filigree.

The bottom-side of the lovingly decorated base is covered with black velvet.

Total length of the Diorama
approx. 60 cm long / Base to tip of the tail

Microraptor zhaoianus
approx. 21 cm high / up to the head
approx. 53 cm long / Snout to tip of the tail / following the body shape
approx. 43 cm wingspan

approx. 11 cm long


Sean Cooper

Colouration and Photos
Martin Garratt

The Diorama consists of 4 parts
- Microraptor
- Tail
- Eomaia
- base


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