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Microraptor hunting Eomaia, Dinosaurier Diorama, Raven


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Microraptor hunting Eomaia

This Diorama was made exclusively on behalf of Urzeitshop.

The impressive Diorama represents a hunting scene that could have taken place in China about 130-125 million years ago. The small feathered dinosaur Microraptor zhaoianus is about to catch the primal mammal Eomaia scansoria.

The detailed modeled figures convince with a very dynamic and realistic pose and a first-class colouring. Lifelike looking glass eyes were used on the Microraptor, the plumage was rendered extremely detailed and filigree.

The colouration of the plumage is based on scientific findings and resembles the iridescent black of a Raven.

The bottom-side of the lovingly decorated base is covered with black velvet.

Total length of the Diorama
approx. 60 cm long / Base to tip of the tail

Microraptor zhaoianus
approx. 21 cm high / up to the head
approx. 53 cm long / Snout to tip of the tail / following the body shape
approx. 43 cm wingspan

approx. 11 cm long


Sean Cooper

Martin Garratt

The Diorama consists of 3 parts
- Microraptor
- Eomaia
- base


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