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Tullimonstrum, Model by Vitali Klatt - Calamites


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Tullimonstrum gregarium

This Model was made exclusively on behalf of Urzeitshop.

The nice detailed Diorama depicts the primitive vertebrate Tullimonstrum.
The strange looking Tullimonstrum swims close by a horsetail-like stump of Calamites.
On the bottom a small Horseshoe Crab is crawling by.

The Model, hand-painted by Vitali Klatt, has received lifelike glas-eyes.

The base is decorated with appropriate Diorama plants, the bottom-side of the base is covered with black velvet.

Dimensions of the Tullimonstrum Model
approx. 27.5 cm long / in straight line
approx. 31.5 cm long / following the body shape
approx. 22 cm high / up to the fin

Calamites stump
17.5 cm high

Horseshoe Crab
8.5 cm long


15 cm in diameter

Model and Colouration
Vitali Klatt

The Diorama consists of 2 parts / easy to assemble
- Tullimonstrum
- base with stump


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