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T-Rex Face, Dinosaur T-Shirt by The Mountain


21,90 €

  • S (104 - 116 cm)
  • M (122 - 134 cm)
  • L (140 - 152 cm)
  • XL (164 - 176 cm)

This handsome T-Shirt shows the Head of a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Infos about the T-Shirt:
The motive was printed on a T-Shirt in Batik style, that makes every single T-Shirt unique.
After the first washing you won't know where the T-Shirt ends and where the print starts. The unique printing technique done by 'The Mountain', colours the cotton itself, the motive is not printed on the fabric. That makes every T-Shirt very comfortable to wear and the print can't break. The seams have been sewed twice to ensure a long life of the T-Shirt.

The Mountain

100% Cotton

up to 30°

For example:
S (104 - 116 cm): is suited for a - normal grown - child about 104 - 116 cm tall,
and so on.

Copyright of the picture: The Mountain


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