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Brachiosaurus altithorax, Dinosaur Skull Replica by EoFauna


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Brachiosaurus altithorax Skull

The scientific correct Skull replica is based on the Brachiosaurus specimen 5730 (Carpenter, K. and Tidwell, V. (1998)) which possibly belongs to altithorax species.

The stand - on which the Brachiosaurus Skull is displayed - is included in the delivery.

Skull Size:
81 cm long


The Skull will be delivered in 3 parts:
Lower Jaw

USNM 5730

Place of discovery:
Morrison Formation / Colorado / USA

Temporal apperance:
Late Jurassic / Kimmeridgian bis Tithonian
approx. 157 - 145 Million years ago

Manufacturer: EoFauna

Sculptor: Jorge Ángel Ortiz

Painter: Martha Laura García

Scientific adviser: Rubén Molina and Asier Larramendi

For indoor display only.

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Brachiosaurus was a gigantic sauropod that lived during the jurassic period in North America. For a long time it was believed to be the largest dinosaur. Today has been overtaken by many recent discoveries; anyway, Brachiosaurus is still a huge animal.


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