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Tylosaurus Skeleton in Showcase by Rebor


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In this showcase you can see the skeleton of a Tylosaurus proriger, the biggest of all known Mosasaur species.

The front side, made of acrylic glass, can be opened, so you can take a closer look at the Tylosaurus skeleton.
The highlight of this showcase is the possibility to light up the detailed and hand-painted skeleton.
By using the openings on the back of the showcase you can hang the showcase to the wall.

For the illumination you need 4 x AAA batteries.
The batteries are part of the scope of supply.

Dimensions of the showcase:
28 cm wide
9,8 cm high
3,4 cm deep

Dimensions of the Tylosaurus skeleton:
approx. 28,5 cm long (following the body shape)
approx. 22,5 cm long (in straight line)
approx. 7 cm wide (from flipper to flipper)

approx. 1:40


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