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Velociraptor 'Winston & Stan', Model set by Rebor


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Detailed models of a father Velociraptor with his son, in bronze-like look.

2 small rods in the feet of 'Winston' prevent the model from toppling over.

Special feature:
The muzzle of the 'Winston' can be opened, and you can move both arms.

1000 units worldwide
You can find the number on the bottom of the base.

Dimensions of Winston (father):
19,5 cm long (in straight line)
26 cm long (following the body shape)
10,5 cm tall (to the head)

Dimensions of Stan (son):
9 cm long
5,5 cm tall

The material is very robust.

Winston & Stan will be delivered in a foam padded carton.
The replicas are only for display not for play.


Ein Traum im Bronze look

Wunderschön verarbeitet. Stan Winston (Gott hab ihn selig) würde seinen Hut ziehen, wenn er diese tolle Arbeit sehen könnte. Und die Tatsache das er weltweit auf 1000 Stück (Ich bin Stolze Besitzerin von Nr. 0123) limitiert ist, macht ihn zu einem kleine Highlight in meiner Sammlung!

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    Velociraptor 'Winston & Stan', Model set by Rebor

    Velociraptor 'Winston & Stan', Model set by Rebor

    Limited models of father and son Velociraptor in bronze-like look, 1:18 scale.



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