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Iembe - Cretaceous Ocean, Dinosaur Poster by Fabio Pastori


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This Poster shows a Cretaceous Ocean off the coast of Angola (Africa), about 90 Millions years ago.

The Illustration is based on fossil findings at the coast of Iembe / Angola, it shows:
- a dead Sauropod (basal Titanosauriform)
- Tylosaurus, from the family of Mosasaurs
- Angolasaurus, from the species of Mosasaurs
- Angolachelys, Sea Turtle
- Plesiosaurier from the species of Elasmosaurs
- Ptychodus, prehistoric Shark
- Enchodus, prehistoric Fish with large fangs
- Pterosaurs from the Group of Azdarchidae
- Ammonites

This Illustration was achieved under the scientific Supervision of Octavio Mateus.

Dimensions of the Poster:
84,1 cm wide
59,4 cm high

Fabio Pastori

- excellent printing quality
- Mat lacquer coated


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