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Atlasaurus, Dinosaur Figure by EoFauna


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Beautiful detailed and scientific accurate figure of the sauropod Dinosaur Atlasaurus imelakei.
The Figure is lovingly hand-painted, and more than just a toy.

You can PRE-ORDER the Atlasaurus Figure now.
According to EoFauna the Atlasaurus Figure will be delivered in early November.

To your information:
If the Atlasaurus is ordered along with items that are already available, we can ship the complete order as soon as the Atlasaurus is available, or the Atlasaurus will be delivered in addition. If the Atlasaurus shall be delivered in addition then additional shipping costs will apply.

Size of the Atlasaurus Figure:
30 cm long (in straigth line)
22.5 cm high (Head)



This Atlasaurus figure comes with a bonus collectible/playing card.

Atlasaurus was a big sauropod Dinosaur from the middle Jurassic- it lived about 168 - 165 million years ago - in what is now North Africa. Atlasaurus looked somewhat like Brachiosaurus but was - with an estimated lenght of 15 meter and a weight of about 22.5 tons - smaller and not as heavy as Brachiosaurus. It also had a longer tail, more elongated limbs and a shorter neck.


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