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Deinonychus, Dinosaur Model by Sean Cooper


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Beautiful dinosaur model of a feathered Deinonychus.

The detailed model has been professionally assembled and skilfully coloured.
The underside of the beautifully decorated base plate has been covered with black felt.

Dimensions of the Deinonychus model:
47.5 cm long (snout to end of tail)
27.5 cm high (up to the tip of the tail)



Artist / Model:
Sean Cooper

Michael Kampa

Deinonychus (terrible claw) was probably one of the most successful hunters of its time and region. It lived about 110 million years ago (Cretaceous period) in the area now known as North America. The approximately 3.4 m long predatory dinosaur was intelligent and thus very dangerous, probably killing its prey in packs. The second toe on each foot was armed with a crescent-shaped claw about 13 cm long, about twice the size of the other claws. With it, it repeatedly inflicted deep wounds on its victim until the victim finally bled to death.


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