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Inostrancevia green speckled vs. Scutosaurus, Model by Vitali Klatt


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Beautiful Diorama of the mammal-like therapsid Inostrancevia overbearing a Scutosaurus.

This detailed Diorama is professionally built-up and individually hand-painted with Paintbrush and Airbrush.

The bottom-side of the lovingly decorated base is covered with black velvet.

Special feature:
The Inostrancevia Model has received realistic looking glass eyes.

Inostrancevia Model:
approx. 37.5 cm long (following the Body shape)

Scutosaurus Model:
approx. 28 cm long (from Snout to tip of tail)

Height of the Diorama:
approx. 21 cm high


Vitali Klatt

Martin Garratt

Inostrancevia was a mammal-like reptile that lived during the Permian - around 260 - 251 million years ago - in what is now Russia. These mammal-like reptiles belonged to the gorgonopsid group and grew to about 4.30 m long. They were the dominant carnivores of their time.

Scutosaurus lived in Russia in the Late Permian, about 254 - 252 million years ago. This plant-eating prehistoric reptile grew up to 3 metres long.


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