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Brachiosaurus grey, Dinosaur Model - Repaint


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Very nice model of a Brachiosaurus.

The model is professionally hand-painted with paint brush and air brush.
The base is custom-made and lovingly decorated with Diorama plants, the bottom side of the base is covered in black velvet.

Dimensions of the Brachiosaurus:
46 cm long
19 cm high (Head)

28 cm long
15 cm wide

approx. 1:50

Martin Garratt

Brachiosaurus was a large sauropod that lived in the Jurassic period - around 161 - 145 million years ago - in what is now Africa and North America. This plant-eating dinosaur grew to be about 25 metres long and is estimated to have weighed up to 38 tonnes. With its long neck, Brachiosaurus could graze the treetops at heights of up to 14 metres.


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