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Oviraptor vs. Protoceratops, Dinosaur Diorama


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Beautiful Diorama of Oviraptor and Protoceratops.
Whether the Oviraptor has it in for the Protoceratops or is keen on a few eggs is left to our imagination.

This detailed model is professionally built-up and individually hand-painted with Paintbrush and Airbrush.
The back of the Oviraptor shimmers in dark shades of green. Unfortunately, this cannot be captured in the photos.

The bottom-side of the very lovingly decorated base is covered with black velvet. The Oviraptor and the Protoceratops figure is not permanently connected to the base.
The Oviraptor and Protoceratops models are simply inserted into the base, a wire in the foot gives the models a secure stand.

Special feature:
The Oviraptor has received glass eyes.

Size of the Oviraptor Model:
30 cm long (in straight line)

19.5 cm high (without base)

Size of the Protoceratops Model:
24 cm long (in straight line)
11 cm high (without base)

40 cm long
19 cm wide

Total size of the Diorama:
approx. 48 cm long
approx. 26 cm wide

approx. 1:6


Artist (Model):
Charlie McGrady

Colouration and Diorama:
Michael Kampa

Oviraptor was a bird-like - about 1.80 m long - theropod dinosaur that lived in what is now Mongolia during the Cretaceous period about 75 million years ago. It is thought that the dinosaur may have cracked shells or eggshells with its powerful beak.

Protoceratops was a horned dinosaur about 2 m long from the Ceratopsian group. Protoceratops lived in the inner zones of Central Asia, which were characterised by a semi-desert climate. Its remains are often found in the Gobi Desert, in Mongolia. This rather primitive form of horned dinosaur was four-legged and a typical representative of the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous period.


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