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Torvosaurus with Prey - green, Dinosaur Model by Francesco Salerno


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Beautiful detailed Diorama of a Torvosaurus with its prey, a juvenile Camarasaurus.

This Diorama was professionally built-up and individually hand-painted with Paintbrush and Airbrush.

The base is lovingly decorated with Diorama plants, the bottom side of the base is covered with black velvet.

Size of the Torvosaurus model:
38.5 cm long
16 cm high (Tail)

Size of the Camarasaurus juvenile:
12 cm long


34 cm long
15 cm wide

Size of Diorama:
47 cm long
18 cm wide

Artist (Model):
Francesco Salerno

Martin Garratt

The Diorama will be delivered in 3 pieces, Torvosaurus, Camarasaurus juvenile and Base.
When you've placed the Torvosaurus in its footprints on the base you can put the Camarasaurus juvenile between the jaws of the Torvosaurus.


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