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Xiphactinus, Diorama by Yuan Sheng Zhao


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Nice Diorama of a Xiphactinus audax on the hunt.

The model of the Xiphactinus snatches after a small Mosasaur that tried to hide itself among some corals.
This detailed model was individually hand-painted with Paintbrush and Airbrush.

Size of the Xiphactinus model:
17.5 cm long (following the body shape)

Size of the small Mosasaur:
9.5 cm long

approx. 1:30

10 cm in diameter

The total height of the Diorama is about 12 cm.

Yuan Sheng Zhao

Michael Kampa

This Diorama consists of 3 parts:
- Base
- Xiphactinus
- small Mosasaur

To put the small Mosasaur in the mouth of the Xiphactinus, you have to insert the wire of the Mosasaur in the hole in the right corner of the mouth of the Xiphactinus.


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