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Gorgosaurus, Dinosaur Model by Shane Foulkes


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Beautiful detailed model of the theropod dinosaur Gorgosaurus libratus.
The Protofeathers on neck, back and tail are highly detailed, also very detailed is the scaled and wrinkled skin.

This model is professionally built up and masterly painted with Paintbrush and Airbrush.
The protofeathers shimmer in a vibrant metallic blue.

The base is lovingly decorated with Diorama plants.
The base depicts a lush vegetated waterfront with shallow water.
The water is realistic looking designed.

Special feature:
The Gorgosaurus model has received lifelike glass eyes.

Dimensions of the Gorgosaurus model:
approx. 61 cm long


Shane Foulkes

Colouration and Photos:
Michael Kampa

Shane Foulkes released this Dinosaur model under the name Albertosaurus libratus, since this is just a synonym for Gorgosaurus libratus, we decided to offer it under its official name.


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