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Mosasaurus, Marine Reptile Model by Shane Foulkes


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Gigantic model of a Mosasaurus, the big, carnivorous marine reptile from the cretaceous period.

This model is professionally built up and masterly painted with Paintbrush and Airbrush.

The base is lovingly decorated with Diorama plants. The bottom-side of the base is covered with black velvet.

Special feature:
The model has received lifelike glass eyes.

Dimensions of the Mosasaurus model:
approx. 92.5 cm long (in straight line)
approx. 104 cm long (following the body shape)
approx. 23 cm wide (from flipper to flipper)
approx. 85 cm high

approx. 31 cm long
approx. 18.5 cm wide



Shane Foulkes

Colouration and Pictures:
Martin Garratt

The tail of the Mosasaurus is holding by 6 strong magnets, the tail just has to be 'clicked' to the body. Please see YouTube clip.
The Mosasaurus model must be placed onto the base like seen in the pictures, otherwise it's possible that the model could topple over.

For a delivery within germany no shipping costs will be charged.

was a large marine reptile that lived during the cretaceous period, about 70 - 66 million years ago. Measuring up to 17 m in length, Mosasaurus was one of the biggest mosasaur.

This is how the tail is attached to the body.

Mosasaurus Schwanz


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