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Velociraptor vs. Protoceratops, Dinosaurier Modell Sideshow


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This fantastic Dinosaur Diorama Velociraptor vs. Protoceratops is scientific correct sculpted and shows lots of details.
The Model was lovingly repainted by Martin Garratt.

The original Model series is limited to 500 pieces wordwide.
This individual repaint makes this Dinosaur Diorama a one of a kind.

The Model will be delivered in two pieces:
1 x Base
1 x Velociraptor and Protoceratops

Dimensions of the Diorama:
41 cm high
38 cm long
18 cm wide

Size of the Velociraptor:
approx. 70 cm long (following the body shape)

Size of the Protoceratops:
approx. 38 cm long (following the body shape)

approx. 1:3


- Viggiano Studio
- Simon Garcia
- Adrian Taboada
- Anthony Mestas

Colouration and Photos:
Martin Garratt

approx. 4.5 kg 

The Diorama will be delivered, well wrapped up in bubble wrap, without the original carton.


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