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Arctodus short faced bear vs. Clovis hunter, Diorama


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Beautiful detailed Diorama of a Clovis hunter facing the short faced bear Arctodus simus.
A scene like this could have taken place in North-America around 11.000 years ago.

This detailed Diorama is professionally built-up and individually hand-painted with Paintbrush and Airbrush.
The bottom-side of the lovingly decorated base is covered with black velvet.

This fantastic Diorama is only available at Urzeitshop.*

Dimensions of the Diorama:
Short faced bear: approx. 33 tall
Clovis hunter: approx. 18 cm tall


Artist (Model):
Shane Foulkes

Colouration and photos:
Martin Garratt

* We acquired the molds and the exclusive rights to reproduce the Cave bear Diorama.


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