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T-Rex Bust, Stan, by Michael Berglund


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This impressive T. rex bust represents the head of the famous Tyrannosaurus rex 'Stan'.

Michael Berglund has crafted this bust in collaboration with the Black Hills Institute. 3D scans were made from the exceptional good preserved skull of Stan, this and scientific findings, like the injuries that Stan has suffered during his lifetime, and the forward-facing ear holes, were the basis for Michael Berglunds reconstruction. The bite wounds and the scars depict the rough manners between Tyrannosaurs.
The colouration is very detailed and lovingly made.
The bust is mainly hollow, that makes it light enough to hang it like a trophy to the wall.

Dimensions of the bust:
38 cm long (from nose to wall mount)
34.5 cm long (without wall mount)
15.5 cm wide (from corner of mouth to corner of mouth)

Wall mount:
34.5 cm long
27.5 cm wide


approx. 3 kg

Michael Berglund

Michael Kampa

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