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Dinosaur Voices, CD


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Dinosaur Sounds
by Jean-Luc Hérelle

1. Late Permian, Triassic, Early Jurassic:
20:59 Minutes
2. Jurassic: 13:55 Minutes
3. Cretaceous:
28:16 Minutes
4. Transition to Cenozoic: 2:25 Minutes
5.-30. Various Dinosaur species: 7:31 Minutes
Alamosaurus; Allosaurus; Archaeopteryx; Barapasaurus; Baryonyx; Camptosaurus; Coelophysis; Corythosaurus; Deinonychus; Dilophosaurus; Dimorphodon; Eurimorphodon; Euhelopus; Iguanodon; Megalosaurus; Metoposaurus; Nothosaurus; Parasaurolophus; Plateosaurus; Plesiosaurus; Pteranodon; Pterodaustros; Rhamphorhynchus; Scaphognatus; Tarbosaurus; Tyrannosaurus

Playing Time: 74 Minutes


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