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Triceratops Skull, Dinosaur Pewter Pendant


10,90 €

Dinosaur lovers, look at this! This keychain faithfully depicts the formidable, fortress-like skull of Triceratops, a perennial favorite among dinosaurs. This high quality educational keepsake is accurately reproduced from nature and is painstakingly hand carved.

Triceratops is the most famous of the Ceratopsidae, a widespread and diverse group of herbivorous dinosaurs that includes other well known species such as Styracosaurus and Monoclonius. This impressive group went extinct at the end of the Cretaceous era, when the very last of the non-avian dinosaurs disappeared. 

Can be used as both a keychain and as a zipper-pull. Sure to make a great gift for the paleontologist in your life!

Dimensions of the Triceratops Pendant:
3.8 cm long
1.8 cm wide


21 Grams

This is no cheap mass-produced item, but an unusual and beautiful piece of hardware sure to last.


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