Variety of Toy figures from various manufacturers, to collect and play with.

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  • AAoD

    The toy brand of Australian Age of Dinosaurs was brought to life in 2016.
    Under guidance of the museum, a line of scientific correct figures of Dinosaurs from Australia shall be produced.

  • Battat / Terra

    The Dinosaur figures from the Terra by Battat were created by Dan LoRussso.
    The figures are in scale 1:40 and were produced for the Boston Museum of Science.

  • Bullyland

    Toy figures of the germany manufacturer Bullyland.
    These figures are hand-painted and made of plastic.

  • Carnegie Collection

    Dinosaur toy figures from the Carnegie Collection made by Safari Ltd.
    These figures won't be produced anymore since 2015.

  • CollectA

    Great variety of different Dinosaur species from CollectA.
    The Dinosaur toy figures are detailed and hand-painted.

  • The Croods

    Merchandise figures from the animation movie 'The Croods'.

  • EoFauna

    Scientific accurate designed figures of prehistoric animals, done by the spanic manufacturer EoFauna.
    The detailed figures are realistically painted.

  • The Flintstones

    Here you find the Merchandise figures from the cartoon series 'The Flintstones'.

  • GeoWorld

    Dinosaur toy figures from the italian manufacturer GeoWorld.

  • Ice Age

    Toy figures from the popular animation movie 'Ice Age'.


    Cute toy figures of young Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

  • Mojo Fun

    Dinosaur toy figures by the chinese manufacturer Mojö Fun.
    The figures are detailed shaped and hand-painted.

  • Funny Dinosaur toys

    Funny Dinosaur toy figures of various manufacturers, to collect and play.

  • Papo

    Here you find the splendid Dinosaur toys by the french manufacturer Papo.
    The figures are very detailed designed and lovingly hand-painted.

  • Plushies

    Here you find cuddly Dinosaur Plushies made from velvety material.

    The good quality of these stuffed Dinos makes them cuddly toys.

  • Recur

    Recur produces nicely designed toy figures from flexible PVC with a PP-cotton filling.
    The material is ideal for playing, robust but flexible.

  • Puzzles

    2D and 3D Dinosaur puzzles.

  • Safari Ltd.

    Wide range of beautiful designed figures of prehistoric animals, by Safari Ltd.
    The figures are nicely hand-painted.

  • Various Manufacturers

    Dinosaur toy figures by various manufacturers.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item



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