Variety of Toy figures from various manufacturers like Bullyland, CollectA, Papo, Safari Ltd., to collect and play with.

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  • AAoD

    Dinosaur toy figures of the australian brand Australian Age of Dinosaurs.

    The toy brand of Australian Age of Dinosaurs was brought to life in 2016.
    Under guidance of the museum, a line of scientific correct figures of Dinosaurs from Australia shall be produced.

  • Wild Past

    Dinosaur toy figures by Wild Past.

    Wild Past Studio is a small german company that aims to make dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals in scale 1:35 as true to the original as possible.

  • Bullyland

    Dinosaur toy figures by Bullyland.

    Toy figures of the germany manufacturer Bullyland.
    These figures are hand-painted and made of plastic.

  • Carnegie Collection

    Dinosaur toy figures from the Carnegie Collection made by Safari Ltd.

    These Dinosaur figures are out of production since 2015.

  • CollectA

    Great variety of Dinosaur toy figures from CollectA.

    The Dinosaur toy figures are detailed and hand-painted.

  • The Croods

    Merchandise figures from the animation movie 'The Croods'.

  • EoFauna

    Scientific accurate designed figures of Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals by EoFauna.

    The detailed figures are realistically painted.

  • The Flintstones

    Here you find the Merchandise figures from the cartoon series 'The Flintstones'.

  • GeoWorld

    Dinosaur toy figures from the italian manufacturer GeoWorld.

  • Ice Age

    Toy figures from the popular animation movie 'Ice Age'.


    Cute toy figures of young Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals by Gimiki's Journey.

  • Mojo Fun

    Dinosaur toy figures by Mojö Fun.

    The figures are detailed shaped and hand-painted.

  • Papo

    Fantastic Dinosaur toy figures by Papo.

    The figures are very detailed designed and lovingly hand-painted.

  • Plushies

    Cuddly Dinosaur Plushies made from velvety material.

    The good quality of these stuffed Dinos makes them cuddly toys.

  • Recur

    Dinosaur toy figures by Recur.

    The material is ideal for playing, robust but flexible.

  • Puzzles

    2D and 3D Dinosaur puzzles.

  • Safari Ltd.

    Wide range of beautiful designed figures of Dinosaurs and prehistoric animals by Safari Ltd.

    The figures are nicely hand-painted.

  • Various Manufacturers

    Dinosaur toy figures by various manufacturers.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item



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