Here you will find Dinosaur models from various manufactures and also custom-made models.

Dinosaurs were truly fascinating creatures, they existed in various sizes, from tiny to gigantic.

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  • Custom-made models

    Here you find limited and customised painted Dinosaur models from various Paleo artist.

    Experienced artists breathed life into these fantastic models with their unique colouring.
    Some of the models received lifelike glas eyes, diorama plants round the realistic appearance.

  • Model kits

    Model kits of Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

    The kits will ship unpainted and unassembled.

    If the desired model kit is not in stock, please ask for availability.

  • Urzeitshop Xclusive

    Here we present Dinosaur models that were made exclusively for Urzeitshop.

  • Chronicle Collectibles

    Limited Dinosaur models around the Jurassic Park movies, made by Chronicle Collectibles.

    The models are licensed by Universal Studios.

  • Favorite Co. Ltd.

    Detailed models of Dinosaur skulls and living sea dwellers, by the japanese manufacturer Favorite Co. Ltd.

  • Rebor

    Detailed and handpainted models of Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, by Rebor.

  • Damtoys

    Beautiful detailed Dinosaur models by Damtoys.

  • Studio OxMox

    Dinosaur lifesize replicas by Studio OxMox.

    The good quality and of course the size make these replicas true eye catcher.

    These replicas are shown in museums and exhibitions around the world.

  • Miniatures

    In this category you find delicate Dinosaur miniature figures from various manufacturers.

  • Paleo-Creatures

    Little scale models of Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures by the spanish Paleo-artist Jesús Toledo.



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